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A new version of GeoDataHub is currently released every 3 month. The version naming is <year>.<zero-padded sequential number>. So the fourth release in 2020 is version 2020.04. This is released in end December 2020 at the end of Q4. Development releases are appended with the number of changes since the latest major release. As such, 2020.04.13 is the development version of 2020.04 with 13 code changed compared to the 2020.03 release. The development versioning is unique for each plugin/platform. The major versioning is synced same across all platforms (QGIS, Python, API, etc) to ensure comparability. Backward comparability is maintained for some time in the API until users have upgraded to the latest version.



This release cycle introduced the user and permission management system that is a partial breaking change to the API. The map is updated and new QGIS and Python releases are expected in the start of January.


  • Unique constraint on datasets - It is now possible to add uniqueProperties to the schema definition. Unique constraints ensures that only a single dataset within an organization can have the same parameters. This feature is great for datasets that are ingested from external databases. See the docs or the NPD wellbore schema for an example.

QGIS plugin#

  • Bugfix: To support failing login flow


The main focus of this release cycle was the web frontend and backend stability.

Web frontend#

  • Complete rewrite of from scratch with support for latest API changes


  • Support for nested schemas


  • New unique parameter to schemas
  • New well schema from NPD


The main focus of this release cycle was usability of the QGIS plugin with support for the new search panel.

QGIS plugin#

  • Add new search panel
  • Allow users to search by schema parameters with auto-complete on options
  • Allow users to search by datatype
  • Allow users to search by geography area

Python library#

  • Add support for Microsoft Windows


  • Support Geographic search with user-defined polygons
  • Support search by datatype (i.e. all dataset with a specific schema)
  • Add /schemas/autocomplete endpoint to support auto-complete in plugins


  • Add datatype parameter to all schemas
  • Complete rewrite of
  • Support for HTTPS on
  • Add more showcase dataset
  • And countless bug fixes and improvements